Quality products, good methods!

The subsidiary company, Kunming Happy Commune E-commerce Co., Ltd, is a mobile sales platform serving to agriculture and animal husbandry. It provides e-commerce, group purchase, take-away service, cashiering, distribution, live teaching, community and other services, establishing a flexible and internet-based marketing mode that is convenient for online and offline communication, which is more helpful than traditional modes in solving problems.


Yunnan Zhong Xu Beef Industry Service Co., Ltd is a subsidiary animal farming company. It is practically planed and integrated to provide comprehensive consulting and management services to beef industry, which reduced cost in beef raising and promoted its development.


Kunming Nuo Ben Technology Co., Ltd. is the main international trade platform of Saturn, which has already established cooperative relationships with Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.


Saturn is dedicated to helping customers achieve success, so it not only provides biotechnology products, micro-nutrition services, mobile Internet services to agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises, but also concerns about their opportunities and challenges. In the future, Saturn will focus on Biotechnology, Internet Plus and Artificial Intelligence to provide more valuable products and services for these enterprises. Our annual sales of about ¥200 million.

Kunming Saturn Biological TechnologyGroupCo.,Ltd is a green and intelligence-oriented company based on animal nutritional technology, top biotechnology and Internet, which serves to agriculture and animal husbandry, including providing it with biotechnological feed additives, premix and animal nutrition programs, animal health care products, mobile marketing platform, intelligent equipment, consulting and aquaculture custody of beef raising, and international trade opportunities.

Saturn focuses on research and development of biotechnology and animal nutrition technology, and thanks to the advantageous biological resources in Yunnan Province and co-operations between academic institutions such as Southwest University, Yunnan University, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming University of Science and Technology and Yunnan Agricultural University, Saturn has developed a number of biotechnological products leading in domestic or international industry. For instance, feed Bacillus coagulans first comes on the domestic market. The latest antigenic protein decomposition technique has been applied to the piglets feed enzyme and meat and poultry enzyme preparations, and the testing Bacteriophage lysins has been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, which implies this creative product owning broad markets.