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Mr. Qiguang Huo

Occupational History:

After graduated in 1961, he stayed in NWAFU to teach till 1981. And he had served as assistant, lecturer and head of the teaching and research section of Animal Nutrition.

From 1981 to 1991, he taught at the Department of  Animal Science in Beijing University of Agriculture and served as an associate professor, head of teaching and research department of Animal Nutrition, deputy dean and director of animal husbandry testing ground.

From 1991 till now, Mr. Huo has worked for Feed Research Institute Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, and served as director of Animal Nutrition Research department, deputy researcher, researcher, doctoral supervisor, vice chairman of Animal Nutrition Branch of China Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary and member of the academic degree evaluation committee of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Besides, Mr. Huo now works as the General Counsel of Kunming Saturn Biological Technology(Group)Co.,Ltd.

Work Achievements:

    He once wrote internal data such as Experiment Guidance of Feed Analysis and Nutritional Requirements of Pigs and so on during teaching at Alma mater. And he did research on nutrition of cows, milk goats, pigs and chickens as well during his school time.

 During his teaching in Beijing University of Agriculture, he wrote reference materials such as Teaching Reference of Animal Nutrition and the first,the second and the third volume of Feed Analysis.

 During his working in Feed Research Institute Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, he took charge of the project “Biological Assessment of Feeds” in the National Key Technologies Research and Development Program of China during the 8th Five-Year Plan period, anticipated projects such as “Feeding Standard of Chicken” and “Research on Feed Formulation Techniques and Nutritional Data of 0~2 Weeks Old Chicks” and so on. Mr. Huo  once won the first and the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the Ministry of Commerce, the first special prize of National Feed Industry Scientific and Technological Progress Award and become National Advanced Worker in Feed Industry.

    He was authorized by the Degree Council of the State Council as a doctoral supervisor, during which he set up an advanced course of Animal Nutrition, hold seminar course on Animal Nutrition Science and has trained 13 masters and 5 doctors.

Major Works:

Biological Assessment Techniques of Feed, Feed Formulation for Pigs and Livestock, Animal Feeding, Feed Stuffs Science and Management, Phosphorus Nutrients and Phosphorus Sources of Animal.


Professor Zunxi Huang

Professor Huang is doctoral supervisor, professor of School of Life Sciences of Yunnan Normal University, director of the Microbial Engineering Research Institute, member of Yunnan provincial CPPCC, and the member of standing committee of Yunnan Province Youth Federation Committee.

Occupational History:

1998-2000, being postdoctoral fellow in School of Life Sciences of Peking University

2001, being a visiting scholar at TEXUS University

Since 2002, professor Huang has been teaching and researching in Yunnan Normal University.

Scientific Research Projects:

Professor Huang has hold on more than ten research foundation such as National High-tech R&D Program of China(863 Program), CAS “Light of West China" Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Yunnan Province Basic Application Foundation, Yunnan Province Key Project, Yunnan Province Cooperation Projects between Province and Colleges or Universities. Among these projects, one of the cooperation project between province and university has achieved a significant breakthrough, when the level of the research got the international advanced level then, and it has been industrialized. The name of this project is “Cloning and expression of thermostable phytase gene and the second generation of Phytase with high efficiency and high yield.”


Mr. Ximing Yang

  Senior fishery engineer.

Occupational History:

After graduation in 1963, he was assigned to work in Gejiu City aquaculture farms and served as assistant technician, technician and fishery engineer. He became the farm manager, and technical team leader.

In 1985, he was transferred to Gejiu City Fishery Technical Workstation to act as director by the Organization Department of the Municipal Party committee.

In 1992, he was transferred to Bureau of Hydroelectric Power in Honghe prefecture ,and was granted the senior fishery engineer by Yunnan Human Resources Department in 1995.

Mr. Yang retired in August, 2002.

In 2004, he worked in Kunming Guanghua feed company, engaged in after-sale technical service of fish section. In November of the same year, he transferred to Shennong feed company's technical department, taking charge of after-sale technical services and staff training on fishery technology.

Now he is the fishery technical service manager of Kunming Saturn Biological TechnologyGroupCo.,Ltd.

Work Achievements:

In 1980 he was honored with the model worker of Gejiu city.

In 1984 he was awarded the first prize of Yunnan science and technology.

In 1985, he was awarded the title of excellent scientific and technical personnel in Gejiu city.

In 1986, he won the third prize of Yunnan science and technology promotion.

In 1991 he was granted the title of Yunnan provincial advanced science and technology promotion individual.

 Mr. Yang has been given the title of outstanding communist party member every year in his career.

In December, 2005, Mr. Yang was awarded the title of outstanding staff by Yunnan province Shennong Agriculture Industry Group.


  Mr. Shuiyuan Li

 Senior veterinarian.

Occupational History:

1974 - 1984, served as the attending veterinarian in Jingshan County Veterinary Station.

1984 - 1994, served as deputy stationmaster in Jingshan County Veterinary Station.

1994 - 2004, served as deputy general manager in Jingshan County Livestock and Poultry Corporation.

Now Mr. Li is working as technical service manager of livestock and poultry for Kunming Saturn Biological TechnologyGroupCo.,Ltd

Work Achievements:

Be good at the promotion of animal husbandry technology, prevention and treatment of swine diseases and management of pig farm.

During his career, he was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture once, by the Hubei Province two times and won the title of outstanding communist party member of the county five times.


Dr. Zhibin Cheng

Dr. Cheng graduated from China Agricultural University in 2006 with Doctor’s degree. 

Occupational History:

2006 - 2011.10, served as a lecturer in College of Animal Science and Technology of Yunnan Agricultural University.

Since October, 2011, Dr. Chen has served as assistant professor in College of Animal Science and Technology of Yunnan Agricultural University.

Dr. Chen serves as technical counsel of additive division in Kunming Saturn Biological TechnologyGroupCo.,Ltd at the same time.

Work Achievements:

    Dr. Chen has published more than 10 professional papers.

    Dr. Chen has participated in the application of more than 20 items of scientific and technological projects.

   Cooperated with Kunming Saturn Biological Technology(Group)Co.,Ltd, Dr. Chen won the Science and Technology Award which is named “Research on key technologies for industrialization of condensation of Bacillus subtilis which is used as a new and safe livestock and poultry feed by Probiotics.”


 Mr. Yuanshu Liu

Occupational History:

    1992 - 1991.01, served as technical executive in Sichuan Province Deyang City Feed Company.

1997.11 - 2001.04, served as technical manager in Kunming Guolong Feed Company.

2001.04 - 2002.04,  served as technical manager in Kunming Huanong Feed Company.

2002.04 - 2002.09, served as technical manager in Kunming Guandu Dali Animal Health Care Products Company.

Since December, 2002, Mr. Liu has served as CTO and deputy general manager in Kunming Saturn Biological TechnologyGroupCo.,Ltd, taking charge of the development of products and formulation, recommending formulation to customers and management of technology.

Work Achievements:

He specializes in research and development of feed premix products and processing formulation.

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