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Sai Duolin H®


  Sai Duolin H is a natural heat-resistant phytase with a more comprehensive enzyme system, it not only contains the phytic acid in the traditional sense but also phosphoric acid in the broader way.


  It has better heat-resistant ability than general heat-resistant phytase and good thermostability. Moreover, Sai Duolin has the wider PH adaptive range and high activity rate.


  Sai Duolin H is applicable for daily feed for domestic livestock and aquatic livestock, it can reduce the risk of poisoning with Fluoride and other heavy metals by adding inorganic phosphorus.



  Energetic Brightness L®

  Energetic Brightness L is an enzymatic product that is developed by taking the acidic heatproof lipase as the core and combining the enzyme application technology in the feeding environment to promote the utilization of fat.


  The lipase has strong storage stability curve and more matches the optimum temperature and PH value and PH tolerance, which is supplement the insufficient endogenous lipase in animals, so as to improve animals’ utilization of fat.


  Energetic Brightness L can improve the digestion and utilization rate of oil and fat so as to reduce the cost of feed. It also can reduce the risk of intestinal diseases and hepatic adipose infiltration so as to improve the health level of animals.